Early Childhood Of Volodya

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From his early childhood, Volodya remembered only separated events. It is the village of Proshkino. It was a small village, twenty houses only. No men left in here, but the old men and the children. The neighbor village Serednyaki (middle-class peasants) was bigger, in the distance of three kilometers.

Zinochka Obolensky found a shelter in the countryside not by chance, but in order to be far away from the authorities and KGB. She did not trust them, for understandable reasons, she felt disgust and fear to the murderer of her husband.

She felt intuitively that her husband was killed, in a dream she often saw him bleeding, bear footed ... on the snow. Nikolay stretched to her his hands and said: "they killed me! Zinochka ... Killed me!" Zinaida Nikolaevna woke up in a cold sweat and cried ...

Both in Proshkino and in Serednyaki, people hated Soviet power, it was the place where former "kulaks" together with their families were exiled. Of course, they were not “kulaks” (which means “rich farmers who exploited other people”) but ordinary peasant or middle-income peasants having just two horses and two cows ... The main earning here was hunting. They gave the fur to the collective farm which name was “The 1 of May".

The peasants grazed the cattle, but there was nobody who could work, the elderly, women and children were left to survive here — the entire workforce. Soviets forced peasants to pay strangle taxes, ostensibly for the front, while the people knew how much money left in the breadbasket of the local authorities. The host of the house where Zinochka settled with her son was the old Nikon, he lived together with his daughter -in-law Daria - the wife of his son.

His son went to the front, and the old woman – his wife died just before the war. Daughter-in-law had no children, God did not give her yet. And the old man liked Volodya like a grandson.

They lived half-starving. They ate everything from pressed herbs (food for cattle) to potato peelings. Zinaida Nikolaevna was the only doctor in the entire district.

It was decided to open a clinic. The director of the collective farm “Lenin’s way” invited her to move in their village in ten kilometers from Proshkino, but Zinochka insisted in opening the dispensary at Proshkino. They had to agree with her. The sick people from the distant and nearby villages by and by came to the doctor.

In the winter, when the roads were covered with snow and blizzard raged for many days, they were sitting at home, heating the oven and enjoyed the warmth from the fire. One day, on Christmas Eve, a pregnant woman was brought from the village of Prokhorovo. Young woman was already without memory ... Hospital was opened in plain peasantry old house (former soviet authority house). There were almost no conditions at all: stove, table, three iron beds, first aid kit.

Zinaida Nikolaevna brought with her from Moscow some surgical tools. Still medicine was not enough. Nevertheless, she decided on surgery to save the woman and the child. Old lady Efrosinya Ivanovna, nurse in the infirmary, carefully washed and boiled the instruments, covered the table with plain sheets. The case turned out to be hard, child’s heartbeat had not been heard. Needed a caesarean operation.

The operation began at 10 am and ended at noon. The child cried finally. "Thank God!" She sighed. A girl was born. — The mother smiled. No wonder, she was very weak and pale. She stayed in Proshkino under the supervision of a physician.

The old man who brought her on a sleigh came back in a week. First night Zinaida Nikolaevna and nurse Efrosinya stayed in the dispensary. A woman could not be left unattended. Volodya asked his mother to allow him to sleep with them. The days passed, a young mother recovered. A girl was given the name of Katya.

Vladimir learned what it is the famine since the start of the war feeling an empty stomach tormented him almost constantly. In the spring, they planted potatoes and other vegetables so as not to die from hunger.

Volodya remembered the most severe first winter in evacuation. The next year was easier. Garden gave a good harvest of vegetables. Sometimes peasants brought in gratitude a little amount of food to a doctor. Mother didn't like to take anything, but she took it sometimes reluctantly, only because of Volodya. The boy grew thin and weak. It seems to them that the news of the war did not reach them. There were no electricity nor radio, newspapers had been delivered only in summer, due to the bad roads.

The village people seemed to stay still in expectation of great events there, far, far away, in a distance where there was a terrible war. The boys help their mothers with domestic chores and tending to their livestock, or rather, its miserable remains.

Elderly people talked in the summer evenings sitting on benches and smoking tobacco. Indeed tobacco became rubbish in these days. Villagers waked up...at dawn by the roosters …mowed hay and gathered mushrooms and berries for winter stock.

Authority couldn’t make the peasantry work in fields for free because no one left in the village - all men had gone to the front.

Volodya remembered only several bright scenes from his childhood in evacuation ... Here is one of them. Winter evening, he and mother were sitting in the sleigh, coming back from the district center, where they went to the bazaar to buy rye flour. The mother took her last gold ring with emeralds. She exchanged the emerald ring for 5 kg of rye flour.

Volodya pleaded his mother to take him with her in a trip. When they had almost reached home and village appeared on the hillock, they were chased by wolves. The horse was scared and run. The horses run out from the forest to the open field, nearly 500 meters separated them from the village. Mother cried: "hold on" ... and then everything went round and spun…Heaven and Earth ... Volodya saw the leader of the pack. The distance between them was already 200 meters.

Yellow wolf eyes shone. Couples came from his mouth. It seemed to them the wolf was about to catch them up and then… the end. Horse wheezed. They passed the ravine, and wolves were left behind. The horse run in the village like wind. It was difficult to stop the horse.

Volodya finally couldn't resist and fell out of the sled. Mother fled to him, fearing that he crashed. Shining stars appeared on the black-violet sky. Volodya got out of a snow-drift and was unhurt and safe.

He remembered also another scene, indistinctly as in the fog. Winter night, and someone is trying to open the door. They say it is a thief. Shutters shut. Old Nikon stayed at the door with an axe, and the mother of Vladimir behind the stove ...embraces him. Somebody battered at the door. Daughter-in-law Daria scared in her nightshirt with tongs for the furnace in her hand shouts out something loud. Finally, it turns out that this is one-armed Vaska Minayev who was lost being drunk.

He recently came back from the front and was very unhappy that he lost his hand. They opened the door, scold him, then incited a samovar together and gave him a cup of tea to warm, and soon he sleeps snoring near window, covered with the coat.

The strongest and heaviest recollection — coming back home in Moscow, without official documents.

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