Death Of Mother

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In Sclifosovsky Institute at that time the wounded soldiers were still treated, where was the hospital for officers and privates. Department, where the officers laid were known as "sausage" due to its form, looked like round sausage. The building was old, of pre-revolutionary time. Facade went out on the Garden Ring, in front of it was a small garden and a wide porch with columns. In the yard of the hospital, there was the park with centuries-old limes and benches underneath, recovering soldiers walking here. Further, close to the fence there was a laboratory for dogs’ experimentation.

Quite in depth was no notable cottage. In it lived a famous scientist, Director of the Institute, surgeon and academician Sergei Sergeevich Yudin. Tall, very thin, with kind attentive eyes. He invited Volodya's mother immediately for an interview, after she gave an application for a job in the Hospital. She was hired first as a physician, then in a few months Zinochka already stood at the operating table as the second Assistant with Professor Petrov, then she assisted to Sergey Yudin. One year later she helped Yudin as first Assistant. Soon she made independent operations and designated as operating surgeon-intern. It was a time when the entire medical world — and in the USSR and abroad — admired by unique surgeries of Sergey Yudin. Especially his famous design of artificial gullet.

Volodya often visited his mother when she had to spend the night in the Hospital, and he slept in the stuff-room. Such nights were innumerable. Sometimes he met Sergey Yudin and firmly decided when he will grow up — he definitely will be a surgeon. In the meantime, he helped take care of the wounded soldiers.

Time fled very quickly. That's already passed the year of 1947 when they cancelled the food-cards, and life has become easier. Now every year the prices of food and manufactured goods came down. Radio solemnly declared decreased percentage. A narrow but long Sretenka street was overcrowded by shops.

And when Volodya went there to buy 150 grams of cheap gammon-chopped sausages in slices, there were not enough money to buy more — the showcases were full with delicious food... Black caviar shone with black-matte tints, red caviar looked like guilder-rose. Pyramid of cans with crabs were up to the ceiling, and hot smoked sturgeon displayed as Queen fish, sparkled with amber-coloured fat. Herring was available fish. But how many varieties and sorts of herring! .. If you count on the fingers of your hand, not enough fingers of both hands. And sausage departments! Sausages made of veal-tongue and the sirloin of veal, stuffed and Stolichnaya and ham, meat-bread shape and blood meat-jelly of all sorts, white meat-jelly and Czech špikački, Hunter's special smoked sausages ... Hams, rostovskie, tambovskie, ham-rolls and carbonate, the neck and roasted beef meat, different varieties and sizes of sausages... Then came the cheeses: they were such abundance that it is impossible to count all at once. And confectionery showcases amazed imagination not only of hungry children of war times. But prices — prices were pricy. In fiftieth years, prices came down a little, but still the majority of the people were not able to afford.

The happiest day for Volody was, of course, his birthday. Zinochka bought him necessarily present — a cake "Fairy Tale". Amazingly beautiful, with two cream roses on the top, red and white or tea-rose colour. Plus his mother prepared him a solemn feast with lemonade, dinner with fried meat and candies. But the crown of all, of course, had been cake "Fairy Tale". Some guests were invited: Lisa Mordkin and neighbors-children — Edik, Valera and Eric.

During normal weekdays Volodya first walked into the Hospital’s kindergarten, close to their house, in Groholsky Lane, and in 1947, went to school, which was in the next small Suharevskom lane. Needed only come down the street, cross Trubnaya street, and you are on the spot. In the first class, they had very wicked teacher Travkina. Why she was always angry with everyone and everything, he could not understand. Maybe something in her life went wrong, he thought.

In the house-yard, his friends were Edic and Erik, the son of a truck driver "Studebaker". All boys were envy of Eric, but his father drove the kids in the truck with pleasure when he left the car in the yard overnight. On the second floor in the same entryway with them lived Lela, the same age as Volodya. He liked her. Thin, slender, blue-eyed, with thick plait, Lela, as her father, a violinist, learned to play the violin, she was friendly and quiet. Volodya was very fond of her, and one day he waited when she returned home ...he spoke to her and suggested ... be friends. Lela agreed. And since sometimes they walked together. Volodya drove her on the sleigh in the yard or on Color Boulevard. It was interesting with her. She told about Central Music School, where she studied, told him of the books she read. Volodya was fond of Andersen ... And sometimes Lela reminded him of Gerda from "Snow Queen".

He loved his mother, and he felt so fine with her. "When I grow up, I'll drive you on the sleigh and be sure I’ll buy for you the warmest and beautiful fur coat ... as to the Queen! " - said Volodya, looking at mother’s coat with the deteriorated sealskin collar. His mother laughed and kissed it.

More than anything else, except for mom and birthday, Volodya liked New Year Eve. And that winter evening, December 31, 1950, he remembered particularly well. Soft fluffy snow fell down, it was a bit cold and snowflakes were melting, dropping on a face. They were walking with his mother at Yaroslavskiy market along Mecshanskaya Street, first by bus, then on foot. Volodya carried children's sledge, which should fit the tree. They came beyond Riga station and Krestovsky bridge. Market-place was very small, and not so many people there. They found only one seller trees and seemed to have picked up the last one. Christmas tree was a fabulously beautiful and fluffy. They rushed home, after all, how many preparations for the new year ahead… establish and decorate the Christmas tree. They successfully boarded the bus and soon found themselves at Sretenka at the "cinema" Uranium " bus stop. It’s quite close to Suharevsky lane and to their house.

Zinochka baked the duck, aunt Liza Mordkina was covering on the table. On the Christmas tree the children hung tangerines and nuts in a silver foil, a colored firecracker with hidden surprises, candy or serpentine. "What a wonderful new year! Volodya screamed when the clock struck midnight. — This is my happiest year. "

The year 1951 came on.

Terrible year of the tragic events that turned over the life of Volodya Obolensky ... But now he knew nothing and was carefree with joy and laughter.
"Doctors’ affair," fabricated by Stalin's lackeys, in those days everybody remembered. It has already "passed" in full swing. Wild articles were published in the press, where major medical scientists were accused. The articles shamelessly defamed and attributing unthinkable crimes to the doctors, have even gone so far as to alleged that doctor-plotters deliberately killed their patients. Surprisingly, this monstrous fiction found the gullible. Stalin’s propaganda machine was pressing on the brain.

Then came the turn of the academic Yudin and he's fallen into the black list. And no wonder. The human malice is black, and the enemies did not love him for his independent nature. Besides, he did not dedicate his scientific writings and discoveries “to leader of all times and peoples" - to Stalin. He was arrested and taken away at night, and in the windows of his house where he lived in the park of the Institute, light was on through the night. Similar Sergey Yudin’s family members were in a terrible trance and confusion.

Zinochka just had been on duty that day night. Without waiting for the morning, the KGB began questioning the staff of the institute. Zina had been asked to sign a protocol in which she was to confirm the facts of sabotage and espionage of Professor Yudin. Zina laughed. "What espionage, where and in whose favor?" - "You do not know your boss!" - Calmly said the investigator. - "We know that he went to America." - "But there was simply an exponential operation for colleagues." - Zina replied.

-"A what more did academic Yudin do in the US, do you know?" - "Consulted patients. He couldn’t do amything but it. He is a crystal clear man, a great scientist, finally! "-" Your husband you also considered the crystal clear? "- Sarcastically remarked investigator. - "Yes, of course, no doubt!" - Retorted Zina. - "That explains why you are defending the people's enemy. You, the wife of an enemy of the people? "-" I am afraid, already a widow, "- she sighed heavily.

-"It makes no difference - the investigator continued. - We, the authorities really know, citizen Yudin met in America with special services. And so, got a job from them. But what kind of job, we will find out, despite the reluctance of some elements to perform their civic duty. " - "A false accusation and perjury do you call ... civil duty! "- Zina answered indignantly. There was a pause, the investigator paused, took off his glasses, rubbed them, then hoisted again on the nose. - "If you don’t care about your own life, think about your child," - he concluded. Zinochka started. -

"And if I will not sign these ... testimony, what’s then? "-" Then you can easily become a defendant out of a witness. We have quite enough-making basis to doubt you. Your origin! Relatives abroad! Your husband - enemy of the people! He is one of the princes, it seems, isn’t he? "- He smiled slyly. - "Yes, of princes, and I'm proud of it! His ancestors had served the country and brought a lot of benefits to Russia! From a century to a century. Starting from the tenth century. And they were not at war with poor women like you, and they did not kill innocent children!”

Investigator turned red and jumped up from his chair. He shouted and waved his long fists, and threatened her with her son to rot in the camps. Then he got tired of his eloquence, and, panting, sat down. Again a pause. "So you refuse to sign the protocol-papers and confession that you concealed from us the truth about the anti-state activities of a citizen Yudin S.S.?" - "I refuse to bear false witness!" - Cut Zina.

- "Good. I am informing you that we bring into criminal action against you ... About complicity. About what you will be notified separately. If you do not think better of it "-" You will arrest me now? "- She was worried. - "No, - hissed the investigator. - “Although it should be. Sign now your obligation not to leave Moscow. For a while, it’s such a preventive measure. To arrest you, we always have time. You are free to think about your son "- he concluded edifying.

Zina staggered out of the office and hardly got to the room for medical staff. Volodya saw her and was scared. He was dozing on the couch. He jumped up and helped her lie down. My mother was pale as a sheet, and cried silently, her lips trembling, frozen despair in her eyes. Thus, he remembered her forever! That was the last moment of their "meeting" in this life. Volodya ran to the office nurse. They called two other doctors on duty from other departments. One of them, an elderly physician, watching and listening to a heart, and said softly: "It looks like a heart attack ..."

Electrocardiogram confirmed the diagnosis. Extensive myocardial infarct. The next day she died. Volodya saw her in the morgue, then had a small memorial civil service at the Institute of Sklifosovsky. And Zinochka was taken on her last journey to the church at cemetery Pyatnickoe. Liza Mordkin, a friend of her mother, insisted on burial service, she knew that Zina was a believer. Members of the Institute and neighbors at home helped bury.

Funeral service at church struck Volodya by its splendor and solemn mournful sounds of the choir. Previously, he often came with his mother in the church. But just now he felt an unusual connection between the living and the dead, between God and man ... What a great mystery of birth and death of the person behind this rite of funeral and burial. And it seemed God had created man, his immortal soul! And Darwin's theory was seen as a terrible sacrilege. Volodya said farewell to Mom and bent over the coffin, noticed on her face print of detachment and renunciation of all earthly things. As if she felt something thoughtful. Perhaps, of the future in her other world, thought Volodya. Let it will be good for her there. And he kissed his mother one last time.

The memorial wake was bitter, and Volodya ran into the room of Aunt Lisa, and wept there, alone, of longing for the mother, despair and hopelessness. Funeral preparations and other vanity a little distracted him from his misfortunes ... Only when he was left alone, he realized, and a felt all the horror of his loss, and he was afraid. But a deeper and more serious and irrecoverable loss of grief he experienced when he became an adult.

Two weeks passed. May turned out to be warm and even hot. In the yard, the boys played football and girls in the "classics" the same way as before... The sun was shining, trees getting green, the starlings flew in the park of the Sklifosovsky Hospital. In the dog kennel, red female-dog Dean gave birth to puppies. "Surprisingly - thought Volodya, - after the death of my mom ... the most beautiful in the world, the most favorite ... nothing in the world has changed! " And he was grasped by anguish.

Zina colleagues at the institute thought and decided to send Volodya during the summer to the pioneer camp in Istra-river. Volodya lived there all three summer- months. There were new acquaintances and friends. It was good for him, he sometimes even forgot about his grief ...he came into his senses and felt sad only a farewell bonfire party. "Summer has passed. Autumn has come, in the fields and groves, quiet and sad. " - He remembered a song that they sang with his mother.

A few months Volodya lived on his own. He himself walked into the store after school, he cooked himself. Aunt Lisa Mordkin Often visited him. Some money left from cash aid of the institute colleagues. Neighbors of the house began to talk about guardian. A boy of eleven years old can not live alone. But suddenly, all was resolved differently.

One day in early December an unknown man came to Volodya and introduced himself as an inspector of the department of education, and said that tomorrow he have to go to the orphanage, dress warmly and advised to bring the essentials. He promised to visit him at eight o'clock.

He did not tell the truth, that he was not inspector of education, but an employee of the KGB, that Volodya will go not to the orphanage, but in special internate for children of “enemies of the people”.

All this Volodya did not know and therefore innocently asked, "Can I keep everything in the room as it is, as my mother loved ... And when I’ll come back here, everything will continue to be the same? "And a large portrait of his mother hanging over the bed can wait for his return, he thought. A man with a strange smile agreed and assured Volodya of keeping things safe.

A new milestone of Volodya Obolensky life began. He was the twelve years old.

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